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Irene Gregson
  • Our Mission… Kookla Jewellery core values are simple: Our customers are at the centre of everything we do, with our designs offering the opportunity for individual expression and personal storytelling. We celebrate the individuality of women by offering high quality, handcrafted, contemporary creations, at affordable prices.
Our story
  • Our story began from humble beginnings, with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of our customers, and our community.

    My passion for designing jewellery began as a hobby creating pieces for friends and family, and has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I love the process of connecting to my heart, designing and fusing individual pieces of glass into a unique creation, giving the wearer positive feelings and affirmations. I love receiving feedback from customers saying how much they enjoy wearing Kookla, for me it’s all about making women feel fabulous. When I am having a tough day nothing lifts my spirits more than knowing my creations are brightening someones day somewhere in the world. It is very special.
Our story Kookla Jewellery
  • “How about Kookla Jewellery?”

    In case you were wondering just how we came up with the name Kookla Jewellery. I have my husband to thank. We were brain storming what to call my jewellery business. Many names were suggested when one day my husband said “How about Kookla Jewellery?” It was perfect. Growing up in a Greek family Kookla was a common phrase used in our household, it refers to “Doll” / “Beautiful” in a cute yet cheeky way.

    A great source of strength and inspiration for me has been this proverb from my ancestral homeland of Greece: One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom, and confirms I have so much still to learn. My creations are a tribute to my heritage, to determination, and the willpower to succeed despite challenges along the way.
  • Thank you to everyone for your generosity, support and guidance.

    Throughout my journey I have met some incredible people along the way. Kookla Jewellery wouldn’t be where it is today without the generous support from customers, family, friends, the amazing photos by Alex Pott Photography, gorgeous modelling from Paige Royal, and beautiful hair and make-up by Bernice Mansfield.

We donate a percentage of your sale to the charity below.

At Kookla Jewellery we will always strive to be a positive, driving force in the community, and help those less fortunate whenever we can. We are proud to support the HeartKids Australia foundation. Kookla Jewellery will donate a percentage of your sale to help fund vital medical research and support for children living with heart disease, the biggest killer of Australian children under the age of 1.

Heart Kids